These OpenOffice spreadsheets are the working tools from which the results in our papers are derived. Feel free to download, use and modify these to suit your needs. Below are several worked examples you can use to compare your equipment with these systems.


The statistical studies we have done are based on targets that can be easily measured using a flatbed scanner. We have designed a set of targets and have used them on ranges from 10 yards for air rifles to 300 yards for firearms. Each is available in both pdf format and in .svg format - you can easily modify the latter.

  • Target 1 is a versatile target that we have used at ranges from 10 yards to 200 yards. The ability to use it at the longer ranges depends on the accuracy of your rifle. Target 1 source
  • Target 2 is designed to be used at 200 yards for rifles that have a CEP better than 1 moa. For less accurate rifles, it may be the target of choice at 100 yards as well. Target 2 source
  • Target 3 has only six aim points and is designed for use at 300 yards. We have used it effectively with a Savage rifle having a CEP of about 0.3 moa at 300 yards. Target 3 source

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